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NoSky powered by AWS

We Back You Up!

Data really powers everything that we do.
To err is human, but errors happen with machines too.

powered by AWS, is an all-integrated cloud backup solution with centralized management, monitoring and reporting.

Pay as you go
Backup Your Data Today

SMBs experienced sensitive data loss in the previous 12 months

SMB's close down within 2 year's of data loss: and 43% doesn't re-open

5 Lakh of average cost lost of downtime per hour for SMBs

NoSky : The Complete Backup Solution

Complete Features

Secure data with 256-bit
AES encryption
Easily backup, classify
and search Data


Full, incremental
and block-level backups
Complete Backup Plan

Save it . Shut it . Forget it !.

Why NoSky?

Because we are Simple, yet Powerful !

Nosky is a power full cross-platform backup and disaster recovery solution that leverage the power of AWS to enable comprehensive data protection strategy

Monitor & Manage everything on single pane of glass
Backup your data on AWS, world's most reliable cloud storage
User friendly interface
End to end Data encryption
Industry leading data compression

How do We Back You Up?

Backup Your Applications, Databases and File Systems.

NoSky gives you the ability to create a backup job that consolidates multiple files, services and more into one. We handle it all for you behind the scenes.

NoSky allows you to watch the progress of your backups in real time.

This is useful for tracking your backup plans and check vital statistics. Our backup process and logs are broken into easy-to-understand steps, so you can monitor the process from initial connection to completion.

The main purpose of backup scheduling is to establish timeframes in which to backup an entire system, multiple systems, data and databases, network files, and other critical systems and data. 

NoSky allows you to schedule multiple backup plans, by setting by a point in time schedule or a regular interval backup.

Backups are essential, but sometimes things can go wrong.

With NoSky, you can setup multiple email addresses to receive alerts and notifications, so you and your team will always be in the loop.

We’ll send you a summary of the errors we received so you can investigate and find the issue. You can always view your full backup logs at NoSky History.

If you need a cloud storage provider, we invite you to check out NoSky Storage.

We’ve built a robust storage network that lives on top of Amazon S3. This gives us the power and redundancy of AWS – and we feel our system can be easier to use, especially

If you’re new to cloud storage. NoSky Storage is available in every AWS region around the world, including inside the European Union, the Asia Pacific, the United States and more.

We want our storage to meet your data complaint needs. By using AWS, we are offering customers 99.999999999% (that’s 11 9s) of durability.

That’s a lot of durabilities and means your data is safe and secure at all times!

Protect your organisation’s data so that only authorised personnel can access it by enabling 256-bit AES encryption.

AES 256-bit encryption is the strongest and most robust encryption standard that is commercially available today.

All your files are encrypted before being transmitted over SSL and stored encrypted.

In addition to compressing your archived data, NoSky also uses enhanced encryption security to protect your backups at the destination.

Enabling data compliance means that you are in control of your data and backups.

You can choose where to store your backups.This allows you to keep your data anywhere, such as close to your server location for quick backups and restores. 

With NoSky’s intelligent algorithm and integrated artificial intelligence, throttles and threadings are auto-tuned to make the best use of your CPU and RAM when available.

This efficient algorithm not only auto-adjusts the speed of the backup, but also ensures maximum utilisation of your system resources, when idle!

What Data Solutions do we offer?

Only backup the Files that matters

With NoSky File backups, you can backup only the files you want, with easy file exclusions. Our default settings automatically ignore sensible files.

This is in contrast to native provider backups, which often only offer whole server snapshots.

Fast File Backups And Restores
Keep All Your Valuable Files Safe
Access Files Anytime, Anywhere
Restore Previous Versions of a File
Snapshot backup, because everything matters

With No Sky Snapshot backup, create an image of the entire computer, server, database, or other resource to be backed up.

This image is a single file that contains all of the data needed to restore the resource to its state at the time the image was created.

Advanced Protection
Maximum Flexibility To Recover Data
Easy-To-Manage Image-Based Backups
Reduced Backup Time And Bandwidth Consumption

More Reasons to choose NoSky


Loved From Customers

NoSky is loved by thousands of customer worldwide

740 TB

Data transferred to the cloud

1.5 K+

Downloads and Installations

“NoSky is so Simple to use, I do not need a heavy investment into IT infrastructure or manpower, to backup my data to the cloud.”

JURGEN K. / Senior Operations Head At AutoMoboex

“My data goes to AWS automatically. I no longer worry about how data losses can damage my business.

Alex Chen / Co-owner At Bitzuim

“NoSky enables everyone in my company to manage their own backup workloads. A lot of work has been offloaded from IT, because of NoSky”

Amit Agrawal / IT Manager At Inventio

Frequently Asked Question

Need Support?

Sky is the limit 🚀.  There is no limit to the data storage on cloud. With NoSky you can backup as much data you want provided you purchase relevant plant for the same

NoSky is built on AWS and we have taken every measure to secure whole ecosystem, still we understand your concern we have given option to enable 256 - bit - encryption and password protect you data.

Nosky is very cost effective solution. Our plans start from 299 Rs/ Month. Costing of the plan depends upon the amount of storage and features that come with it.

Absolutely, anytime you can upgrade your plan on pro rata bases. 

We have collaborated with word's leading cloud service providers AWS and Wasabi. You get option to choose from them.

You get an email notification along with an alert on NoSky's dashboard. 

No, you can only use Nosky licence on one device at a time.

Yes, you can take backup of your windows OS along with the files. You get an option to make a bootable file on NoSky's console  and  restore you image on other device. You also get an option to restore your image on AWS's EC2 instance.

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